• Our Goal is to Ensure Your Project's Success

    Our Goal is to Ensure Your Project's Success

    Save time, realise your project goals,
    get your value's worth with
    our innovative interactive online project
    management approach

  • 3DForms Explores Synergies to Understand<br /> and Simplify Project Complexity

    3DForms Explores Synergies to Understand
    and Simplify Project Complexity

    Understanding Your Construction
    Project Risks is Critical to its Success...
    Let us Help Your Draw
    out these Risks!

  • We Employ The Latest Research and<br /> Technologies in Value Generation

    We Employ The Latest Research and
    Technologies in Value Generation

    The Proactive and innovative
    Construction Project Management,
    Design and Value Management
    consultants for Any Project

Our Services

A vast Aray of Construction Specialism in Spanning across the Construction, Architectural Design, Risk Management and Value Management

Project Planning

Project Planning

We provide independent construction project planning services from Inception through to scheduling, construction, commission and beyond. Our expertise process meddling means we're thoughtful through planning so that we can ensure your project’s success before it begins. Out rxpertise and experience means that any project in any sectorcan  achieve higher levels of performance and long-lasting results with us

Risk Management

Risk Management

The design process today often requires that stakeholdership and properties faced with many constraints from design through to use. At 3Dforms, we have developed expertise to analyse, identify, mitigate or manage construction risks. Risk can come from unlikely sources some times so its essential its identified so the project can realise its useful value. 

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Out inhouse expertise ensures you are always safe when it comes with designs for projects. And it isnt any designs we produce, we work with you to ensure your best desires are captured and reflected in the design we make. We engage you or your users to capture those inner experiences essential for any design so it just doesnt become like any other.

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About 3DForms

As Experienced Construction management and design engineers, we are here to provide you with quick, indpendent and professional construction and design consultancy and project management services. We come with a very high industry exposure of all construction management service situations, are highly qualified and a dependable bunch of designers, scientists and engineers with many years industrial experience, recruited from the research, automotive, oil and gas, manufacturing, design and industrial sectors. We're here to help you develop designs and management processes, for any environments. Our sole purpose is to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

What Do We Do?

Form and Function are fluid elements in Design, inherent in all design thinking; Practical constraints to this end create a 3-dimensional Action Space in Design. We are are Here to Deligently and Independently service your Construction Projects to your best expectations in this 3-dimension space.

Construction Claims

We manage any Construction Claim

Project Teams

We manage any Construction Teams

Value Management

We advise on Value Evalutation and Monitoring

Program Management

We manage any Construction Programs

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Resilience is inherent in all Engineering Products - We Focus on Full Life Of Your Design

Project Management

Project Management

Expecting the Unexpected

Let's face it, an increasing part of organisational change is today delivered through projects. As a result, sound and ongoing project and programme management are essential to many operations’ success. At 3Dforms UK, we’re continually improving our expertise to ensure that we always deliver to you capital expenditure portfolios of projects focussing on business outcomes, just as much as getting the job done. We Get the Job Done

Expert Witness

Unexpected Occurs

Should a construction claim occur, Investigations will be performed for a to help provide evidence for insurance claims and legal actions for; for anything that goes wrong in your project - When Challenges arise, How you resolve them will make the difference. Our seasoned professionals have experience in identifying, analyzing and preparing construction claims and disputes for construction and engineering projects worldwide.

Expert Witness
Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

Want Something New?

We perform construction project feasibility and project idealisation studies to assess the viability of a project. Feasibility studies will typically be used to determine the likelihood of a project’s success and can influence an owner or investors decision to start a new project or acquire a property. We carry out cost assessments to determine the most likely project duration and gather all necessary information like to help decision making.

Our Project's

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